Offsite Curriculum

As Children Leeds 14-19 Offsite Approved Providers, we offer structured, accredited multi media training for Alternative Curriculum learners.   Working closely with schools and parents, we tailor Individual Learning Plans to the needs, desires and agreed goals of the learner.  With the support of assertive mentoring, learners stay focussed on how and when they will reach their personal targets.  Basic skills such as IT, numeracy and literacy are embedded in the training.  Life skills and coping strategies are developed through the creative processes.  In doing so, they raise their self-esteem, gain qualification and set long term goals.  All is achieved in an environment that the young people themselves choose to be in.

Here’s a short film about offsite learning at Lifeforce made by volunteer Sarah Statham.

“As soon as I saw the studios, I thought good things. I take more notice here than I ever did at school. I want to do something with my music now and I want to do it off my own bat.”   Young Lifeforce participant.

“You definitely changed my son for the better.”   2012 Learner’s Mum

“Here the staff really listen to you.  They know how to treat students.”  2012 Learner

“If i hadn’t come to lifeforce, there’s no way I would of got in ”

Ex learner - went on to study at Leeds College Of Music








Learners can work towards gaining nationally recognised Level 1, 2 and 3 vocational qualifications awarded by Arts Awards, NOCN and NCFE.  (All qualifications are Section 96 approved and contribute to school performance points.) These courses are flexible, learner led and based around practical projects that produce tangible results.

Lifeforce can also deliver modular support for other accredited streams and creative Diplomas that complement the mainstream school curriculum.  These courses are aimed at students who are well on their way to achieving but are looking for extra educational support their school may not be able to provide.

A high set of entries for the silver arts award, marked out by fine professionalism, ambition, commitment and enthusiasm…everybody has obviously grown through the experience!   Congratulations on fantastic work!” Anni Raw, Arts Award Moderator.

“Lifeforce Productions have the skills, knowledge and understanding to engross these pupils with their expertise and experience…We would not have any hesitation in recommending this excellent service to other establishments within the city.”  Bhupinder Riyat, Programmes Supervisor, TLC North (Pupil Referral Unit).

Newsletter 2012 May

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